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Edge Tech is the global leader in emerging technology recruitment. We’re experts in providing you with the markets top 5% of high skilled emerging technology talent on both a permanent and contract basis.

Through our singular focus and commitment to disruptive technologies including RPA, intelligent automation, AI, data science & blockchain, we’ll consistently deliver the best people for your team or project.

It has never been harder to find the best talent, which has left traditional recruitment agencies struggling to meet demand.

However, at Edge Tech we’re blending our investment in technology with our proud history of candidate nurturing and relationship building. Our specialised approach is unique and a powerful alternative to the traditional agency the market has to endure.

We manage risk, take full accountability, deliver project work and comfortably fill the gap between a traditional recruitment agency and consultancies.

To help our clients understand the full spectrum of service offerings, we have developed a specialised product suite as a guide. Our Founders, Harrison, Ollie and Will, have always found new innovative ways to challenge the status quo, deliver real outcomes and genuine long-lasting relationships.

Product Services Outline

Deploying high-calibre professionals into business-critical roles takes extraordinary dedication in a niche tech market. At Edge Tech, we do this every day across technology & data and transformation & change.

We’re committed to ensuring we consistently deliver the best people for your team or project. We help you to source the key talent you need to transform and elevate your technical capabilities, ensuring our talent solutions meet the demands of your business requirements.

We manage risk, take full accountability, deliver project work and comfortably bridge the gap between traditional recruitment agencies and consultancies. To help you understand the full spectrum of our service offering, we have developed a product suite as a guide. Our talent solutions, named after the world’s famous innovators of their time, have been designed to reflect the first-class services we have engineered.

Whatever your requirements, we have a solution that will match your business and talent needs.

Permanent Talent Solutions
Our premium
monthly subscription
Key hire focused
Contract Talent Solutions
Statement of work
(SOW) outcome-based
contract solution
contract team
Da Vinci


TaaS (Talent as a Service) - Unlimited hires, ultimate growth

We’ve cracked the code for recruitment. This is the pinnacle of recruitment solutions, promising unlimited hires and a 100% success rate.

A game-changing talent package, Turing, is a monthly subscription model with a 90-day rebate guarantee. You also receive access to a full tech suite and talent vault, with our experts visiting your site four days per month.

The benefit of an internal recruitment team combined with our industry knowledge embedded in your teams on a flexible basis, to ensure the best cultural matches and outstanding recruitment experiences for both talent and companies.

Service Features

  • Unique recruitment plan (including data reporting)
  • Full-time specialist Talent Manager dedicated to your business
  • Guaranteed success rate
  • Fixed monthly cost
  • Access to full tech suite: video interviewing, client portal microsite, technical assessments and personality profiling
  • 12-month free replacement rebates


  • 200k+ average annualised savings
  • 65% time-saving efficiency
  • An alternative to or aligned with Talent Acquisition
  • 98% hiring success
  • 100% service retention
  • Increased employee attraction


Multiple permanent hires - Bundle hiring service

Recharge your recruitment. Our enterprise solution, Tesla, is used by our clients who require four or more professionals with a similar skill set over a rolling 12 months. A discount is given to reflect the volume of hires required. Therefore, you benefit from the premium service, Curie, but at significantly reduced fees.

As an added bonus, we share the spoils of our recruitment efforts to provide you with a new revenue stream – allowing you to transform your recruitment overhead into a profit centre. Any candidates sourced directly that are rejected, which Edge Tech take to market, you share in 10% of any fees generated.

Service Features

  • Profit centre created by surplus candidates
  • Free marketing & advertising campaigns
  • Niche market data and competitor analysis
  • Company brand review
  • Video screening through Edge Tech’s bespoke platform + virtual meeting rooms
  • Unique recruitment plan


  • Time-saving
  • Broader reach
  • Talent pooling
  • Cost reduction based on volume hiring
  • Transform your recruitment overhead


Key hire strategic headhunting service

Let us “Curie” your recruitment problems. Our premium solution, Curie, is designed for your mission-critical roles while minimising risk. Nothing is left to chance; we blend our technology and recruitment methods with your organisation to secure the most in-demand and rare talent. In fact, we’re so confident in the professionals we place via Curie, we’ll replace the person free of charge after six months if you’re not satisfied. It’s an approach that allows us to work with the top 5% of talent in our chosen sectors. A reassuring fact, considering a senior replacement costs x4 basic salary to replace (Glassdoor 2021) plus the associated reputational damage, this can cause.

Service Features

  • Company brand review
  • Free marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Niche market data and competitor analysis
  • 6-month free replacement
  • Unique recruitment plan
  • Video screening through Edge Tech’s bespoke platform + virtual meeting room


  • Time-saving
  • Tailor-made approach
  • Triple exclusivity of Edge Tech, the vacancy and candidate
  • Guaranteed results


SoW Outcome-based contract solution

Approach recruitment from the right angle. There is a significant and growing demand for companies to outsource discrete projects rather than add extra expensive headcount.

Edge Tech’s Pythagoras offering provides companies with significant flexibility, and as a talent partner solution, there is a significant saving compared to traditional consultancies. Typical problems the solution solves:

  • Transformation of a function
  • Expensive vendor professional services
  • Bids into new markets
  • Rotation/Inconsistency of vendor resources on projects

Service Features

  • Detailed mapping and milestones
  • Free IR35 review, ensuring outside decisions are correct and insured
  • Best-in-class professionals
  • Full accountability and insurances
  • Off / On-site capability
  • Full delivery management


  • Based on either T&M, milestones or a combination of the two
  • Project contingency parameters built-in
  • Additional work rate carded
  • Typically, 46% cheaper than consultancies


  • Greater value than expensive consultancies
  • Access to skills and expertise not available in the general market
  • Share of risk


Pop-up contract team offering

Let the best talent fall into your lap. If you need to deliver a time-critical project or require additional resource due to an increase in demand then our Newton solution is for you. We’ve helped over 100 enterprise organisations to deliver complex tech projects by utilising our pop-up teams.

We provide you with a readymade team of experts who have proven experience in delivering projects just like yours. We offer this through onshore or our nearshore capability in Romania where we have teams of experts waiting and ready to work on your requirements.

We can have these expert teams ‘on-site’ in as little as 48 hours (yes we have done this before). So when you need to get your project over the line and need resources to hit the ground running speak to us about how we can help.

Service Features

  • IR35 compliant
  • Pop-up teams ‘on-site’ in as little as 48 hours
  • Expert teams with experience delivering similar projects
  • Transparent cost & pricing
  • No minimum term commitment required
  • Total control and management of all resources


  • Quick deployment & turnaround
  • Cost-efficient compared to expensive consultancies
  • Time-saving
  • Scale up or down whenever you need

Da Vinci

Classic contract recruitment

Make your recruitment a masterpiece. Every technology project has a fluctuating pipeline of deadlines and demands to be met and team absences to accommodate. For this reason, we’ve built the Da Vinci solution with a talent bench of professionals ready to be deployed at short notice through a model that overcomes all the usual learning curves to seamlessly support your project. It’s designed to ensure resources benefit your projects in the quickest time so that the onboarding of professionals onto your project is minimised.

Service Features

  • Readily available security-cleared candidates
  • Access to Edge Tech’s Associate Programme
  • Unlimited switch-on switch-off resource service
  • Free IR35 review ensuring any outside decisions are correct and insured
  • 24/7 hotline
  • Pay as you go with no hidden costs


  • Super competitive for a world-class solution
  • Discounts for retainers and prompt payments


  • Market-leading
  • Extremely agile
  • Cost-effective

We engaged Edge Tech on a key hire for our emerging technology department within our organisation and utilised their Curie product. The hire was for a senior member of staff and we knew that we needed a specialist to headhunt the right person for us. Edge Tech was the obvious choice from the start, aside from their reputation in the space, their Curie product offered a range of benefits which made the process extremely smooth. Their custom video interviewing platform removed a stage from our hiring process allowing us to hire much quicker. They also created a unique recruitment plan in line with our requirements for the hire and we made an offer which was accepted within 4 weeks. I would highly recommend Edge Tech to any company looking to hire specialist skills and wanting to work with a recruitment company that will deliver and that genuinely care.

Chief HR Officer / Global Financial Services Business

I could not recommend Edge Tech's Tesla bundle hiring service enough. As a business, we have a strong pipeline of work to deliver large scale RPA and Intelligent Automation projects to global businesses and we required a number of highly-skilled permanent technical resources over a 12 month period as a minimum. Ollie was great, he took the time to meet with us and create a unique recruitment plan which consisted of their Tesla product. They helped us to effectively map out our projects & hiring roadmap and delivered these key hires at a significantly reduced rate so we could utilise the money we saved elsewhere across the business.

Director / Intelligent Automation Consultancy

We recently engaged with Edge Tech and utilised their Turing product to assist with our aggressive expansion plans. We have 35 hires mapped across the organisation and by utilising their monthly subscription model, not only have we managed to reduce our cost to hire by around 40% but we have streamlined our processes which has led to a significant reduction in our time to hire. This has allowed us to focus on our day-to-day activities giving us peace of mind knowing that we have a best in class recruiter attracting high quality talent for us.

CEO / Fast Growing Software Startup