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Machine Learning Recruitment

Machine Learning is truly the backbone of Artificial Intelligence. The basic definition of Machine Learning is the science of getting computers to learn from data without the need for specific programming. This means it is the most important part of Artificial Intelligence. Incredibly complex and intrinsically aligned to statistics and mathematical optimization, this is not something that just anyone can do with a few months training.

Finding the right experts from across the world within Machine Learning is a skill within itself and requires years of networking and knowledge of what makes someone the right fit. Finding the right Machine Learning or Deep Learning expert is really a make or break point within product development or building a successful ML team, and when working with Edge Tech, you can be secure in the fact that you are working with the best.

Our Machine Learning Division has years of extensive headhunting experience globally, with comprehensive networks of ML talent and are well-positioned to help you hire and scale your Machine Learning teams. Edge Tech works with a wide range of organisations, from SMEs, large enterprises, research organisations, growing AI start-ups and specialist consultancies.

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Machine Learning

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Edge Tech certainly knows their market and I have found them helpful and well connected. Both as a hiring manager and candidate. I particularly valued the Meet Up events which they organise, these are hugely successful, enabling people from various sides of the industry to meet and share ideas!

Simon Lill
Sales Director / UiPath

Edge Tech were super easy to work with. They had my best interests at heart and found the right opportunities for me. Edge Tech are super proactive and would always call me to provide me with updates or even just to check in to see how things are going on my end. Edge Tech are very passionate about what they do which is a key strength and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Nikita Kabra
Lead RPA Developer / Fidelity International

Edge Tech are solid recruiters, easy to get on with and well respected in the industry. I have no doubt Edge Tech will be a great success and would happily work with them again in the future.

Russ Boreham
Enterprise Sales Lead / Automation Anywhere

I had the pleasure to get sourced by Will at Edge Tech for my new role as Head of Marketing with EMnify. Throughout the process he was very proactive and responded in a timely fashion to questions. He was also very knowledgeable about EMnify's requirements and their hiring process. Overall I was a very happy customer and can thoroughly recommend Edge Tech's services to anybody seeking a new career move!

Matthias Steinke
Head of Marketing / EMnify

The team at Edge Tech have deep tech industry knowledge and connections, exactly what you are going to need whether a candidate or hiring manager.

The Edge Tech RPA Recruitment Market Report provides real data on careers, jobs and realistic salary expectations for RPA. I’ve recommended it many times, it’s a must-read for any company involved in RPA… and that should be everyone!

Rob King
Director / Wzard Innovation

I have known Edge Tech for a number of years and their expert knowledge of the RPA, Intelligent Automation & AI space is commendable. Edge Tech’s approach is both professional and personable and they always keep in regular contact. Having worked in technology and specifically RPA for a number of years, I have never come across a recruiter with such knowledge of the market and passion for what they do. I couldn’t recommend Edge Tech enough to anyone looking to build and scale their emerging technology teams and also to someone looking for the next step in their career.

Vasudevan Navaneetha
Digital Enablement Lead / Schroder

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